James G. Bonnen, M.D. – Neurosurgeon

“Before my senior year of undergraduate study, I worked at a camp for handicapped kids, where I met some medical students. I saw in them a desire to do something of real value, to contribute to the lives of others in a very meaningful way. I realized that I shared this desire, and I knew then that I wanted to be a doctor. And the same notion is what attracted me to neurosurgery, particularly because of the acute and challenging nature of spine and brain conditions.”

“Today, I am still motivated by the human aspect of medicine. I believe compassion is at the core of what I do. It’s what motivates me to pursue the latest advances in spine surgery and intracranial procedures. It’s what pushes me to offer the most effective care for patients. It’s the center of my commitment to putting each patient’s needs first, building an understanding and relationship with them, educating them effectively and striving for the best possible outcomes.”

neurosurgeon, angleton tx“My service is not about procedures or techniques or methods. It’s about lives. I keep this in mind always, and that leaves me no choice but to invest myself completely in doing things right and with my whole-hearted best.”


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